Thursday, February 26, 2015

Bumper to Bumper on Periwinkle Way

It's high season here on Sanibel!  The miserable weather up north has driven many a soul to our warmer clime--though even here it has been colder than usual.  We actually got down to 35 degrees one night last week!

High season is both a bane and a blessing.  It means longer waits at restaurants and horrendous traffic.  I live just over two miles from the church and some nights it takes me forty-five minutes to get home!  But high season also means pews are full and all our folks are here.  On balance, I love high season!

It is probably trite, even clichéd, to observe that life often works that way.  But like most clichés it is rooted in truth.  Over and over again I have discovered that with every challenging thing in life there is a corresponding joy.  Of course that's easier to say in a vacuum than it is to affirm in the midst of the challenge itself! 

It's not just a matter of positive thinking, however.  It is also a matter of being willing to take on the challenges.  Somewhere I read recently that there is a significant difference between optimism and hope.  I think this bane/blessing, challenge/joy thing may be at the core of that truth.  I know some things will not end well or the way I want them to turn out.  But that doesn't mean all is lost.  That doesn't mean there can't be some joy in the midst of it.

Of course, I might feel otherwise when I'm driving home tonight.  But, hey, at least gas is cheaper these days!