Wednesday, January 20, 2016

We've Moved--But Not Too Far Away!

Linda and I moved this past Monday.  Not far away.  I'm still at the church, she's still at the Community House.  But we finally decided to buy our own home, and we ended up with a lovely place just over the Causeway in Fort Myers.

The move means I'll be commuting about nine miles each way.  Not a long commute by many standards, though in season the ride home may take a good deal of time.  And while I don't relish the ideas, it does mean, every day I work, I'll be guaranteed at least two trips, one each way, across one of the most beautiful stretches of roadway in America.  It's hard to exaggerate how stunning the view can be from atop the highest bridge on the Causeway.  Sanibel, San Carlos Bay, Fort Myers Beach . . . all can be seen from that vantage point.  More than once, many times in fact, I have witnessed a beautiful sunrise or sunset (and occasionally both in the same day) as I've made my way across the bridges and islets that make up the Causeway.

I've always been a little curious--not to mention frustrated--by the fact that Lee County, which owns the two mini-islands, and has turned them into a public park--refers to them as Island A and Island B.  Oh my goodness, what bureaucrat thought up that pair of names?  There are so many options, so many possibilities.  One could go with the famous people on Sanibel theme--call one Bailey Island for instance, and the other Darling Island.  You could go with birds, the variations here being almost endless!  You could even have a naming contest, awarding the winner the right to name the island of his or her choice!  Or, you could even sell the naming rights to some local businesses.  Imagine:  Chico and Hertz Islands.  Or (this is something of an inside joke) they could have the same name and be called Morgan and Morgan Islands!  Whatever--anything but A & B!

Moving is always a bit unsettling, and a lot of work.  But mixing things up a bit can be an occasion for a little self-examination.  And now that I've got the longer commute, I may just do some of that on the way home.

Monday, January 4, 2016

Goodbye 2015! Hello 2016!

A new year.
A brand new, right out of the box year.
A fresh start.
A new beginning.
However you want to characterize it, 2015 is done and over, and 2016 has just begun.

Wall Street is happy--if you can believe the business section of the newspaper.  2015 was a less than stellar year when it came to the stock market.  Maybe 2016 will be more bullish.

Washington is happy--2015 was something of a political nightmare, but with elections coming up maybe power will shift in significant ways.  Those who are out may be in.

Yes, 2015 is over.  Thank God!  (Or so say many folks.)  But really, what makes anyone think 2016 will be better?  Don't get me wrong.  I hope it will be better.  I hope we will pay more attention to vital issues like addressing poverty in meaningful ways, giving the environment some much needed attention, curbing our violent tendencies, dealing with our deep-seated prejudice and biases.  I hope all that will happen.  But I've hoped the same things in years past, and where's that gotten me?  Where's that gotten us?

Yet, I still hope.  Because I believe, deep in my soul, that God is at work.  And slowly, surely, if we will only learn to pay attention to the divine prodding within, we can have a better 2016.  If we will only give over our very lives to living the way of Jesus, truly loving God and neighbor, I believe we can see changes in how we function as a society and a world.  And the best place to start--the only place I can start--is with me.  God help us all!