Monday, March 29, 2021

The Easter Promise: Love Wins

 Easter is all about surprises, isn't it?  I mean, the underlying story of resurrection is about the biggest surprise of them all:  someone returning from the dead.  Sure, we have all sorts of such tales in fiction.  Old, old stories, like the ancient myths of Greece, Rome and Egypt, and new stories, like the harry potter stories, and the return of "he whose name shall not be mentioned" (if you don't know who I'm talking about, ask one of your kids or grandkids!)

But Christians claim the story of Jesus and his resurrection from the dead isn't just a tall tale.  They claim it is true.  How they understand it varies, of course.  Ranging from those who understand it as literal, physical/bodily resurrection, to those who see it as a spiritual event.

In all cases, though, I think the truth of the resurrection boils down to the notion that love can't be defeated, that no matter what you throw at it, love wins.  You can't even kill it.  Love wins.  And for Christians, Jesus is love incarnate.  Love in the flesh.  As Martin Luther penned in the well-known hymn A Mighty Fortress Is Our God,  "the body they may kill, God's truth abideth still."   And that truth, is love.  Love which undergirds every single facet of reality.  And that can't be destroyed.  I can't explain it.  I can only trust it to be true.

I hope your Easter is blessed by hope--and blessed as well by the knowledge that God's love endures forever. 

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  1. Thank you John. I am so happy to be back IN OUR CHURCH with our friends close by. It is easy feel close to God there.
    God Bless, Fred